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Journey through the Rise

We are #team88BCAfrica, a group of  five University of the Western Cape Information system students. We were assigned to work with 88BusinessCollective for our group assignment on digital innovation. We were so excited to dive into the working world to gain experience through collaboration.

We got to meet the infamous, Antoinette Prophy, founder of The 88 Business Collective. We were then given the task of revamping the website of 88BC. One of the many great lessons Antoinette has taught us, was that through collaboration success would be achieved easily. We’ve had regular meetings with Antoinette and decided to come work at the Rise Cape Town during our midterm break to immerse ourselves in the working environment .

Our experience working at the Rise Cape Town has been fun, challenging and insightful. Working collaboratively at Rise has taught us how well we work together as a team. We have been working in teams throughout our journey as students but never fully grasped the fact that teamwork could be exciting rather than just challenging. We faced challenges of miscommunication in the beginning but overcame this obstacle through collaboration. Another challenge we faced was our lack of knowledge in the technological aspect of the website but just as you guessed, we taught ourselves how to build the website as we wanted it and as we were asked by Antoinette.


This has been a great opportunity for us to experience what it will be like for us to join the workforce. We got to learn a lot about the 88BusinessCollective and the wonderful people here at the Rise Cape Town.  We got to meet some of the Founders, took lots of photos and just grow as a team and individually develop our technical skills. Overall the Rise Cape Town is a great environment to work in. They have all the basic equipment we need to work as well as some extra luxury equipment such as a coffee machine which we all were welcome to use at our disposal.

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